Bosnian Politician Attempts To Lure Voters Via Free Pornography


It must be hard for electoral candidates to think up ways to garner votes through their policies. One Bosnian politician might have the answer though – free pornography in exchange for your votes. Sounds appealing.


It must be pretty hard being a politician, especially in the run up to an election. Just take a look at the current United States election – you tend to get loads of idiotic celebrities endorsing you in ridiculous ways that might actually do your campaign more than good. Take a look at these for example: Clint Eastwood Goes Insane, Chuck Norris Warns Of 1000 Years Of Darkness If Obama Is Re-Elected , Nicki Minaj Is Being A Stupid Ho – it’s highly likely that these celebrities have only drawn attention to how ridiculous they themselves are and the policies that they support rather than actually converting voters. But then again, this is America and the majority of people are stupid, so maybe it does work. IDK.

One method of obtaining votes that I fully endorse though i currently being practiced by Bosnian politician Mirad Hadziahmetovic who has decided to post free pornography on his website to garner votes. What an awesome idea – I’m surprised that nobody has ever thought of this before. Basically, you go on his website and are confronted with a question such as: ‘What is more important for Zenica (the Bosnian city where Hadziahmetovic is running for Mayor), job creation or filling the municipal budget?. You then have to confirm you’re over 18 and voila – there’s the smut. Following the clip, a video of Mirad Hadziahmetovic follows saying ‘If you enjoyed this clip, then please vote for me.’ It’s 100% genius, I mean who isn’t going to enjoy the smut video? Guaranteed votes.

Mirad Hadziahmetovic – who is an independent candidate – was apparently a really long shot at winning the mayoral race which is why he devised this tactic, which has shot him way up opinion polls in Zenica. Will this gambit pay off? Only time will tell. In another aside, Hadziahmetovic also seems like quite the entrepreneur with his campaign – if you download a PDF of his policies there’s a big white space on it offering you the chance to ‘advertise here.’ This guy is a new breed of politician. He’s got my vote.


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