Boris Johnson Spotted Observing 11am Silence When His Watch Says 11:14am


It actually feels like it’s been a few weeks since Boris Johnson or one of his cretins has actively lied to the population of this country and then vehemently denied it even though the evidence is pretty much insurmountable, but thankfully he’s back with another ridiculous incident in case any of us were worried.

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Johnson was pictured on his Twitter account standing sombrely in front of a clock at 11am yesterday to observe a one minute silence for the victims of the Plymouth incel shooting on Friday, but everyone looking at the photo could quite clearly see that the Prime Minister’s watch read that it was 11:14am. Obviously there was some sort of discrepancy here and the most likely scenario is that they just changed the clock on the mantelpiece back but forgot about Boris’ watch, but an anonymous spokesman denied this and instead decided to say that the PM always keeps his watch running a quarter of an hour fast so he isn’t late for meetings. Sounds realistic doesn’t it, especially when he didn’t turn up to a load of COBRA meetings regarding the pandemic last year.

However, nobody seems to have compiled a list of times where we could clearly see Boris’ watch in the past to verify this and the whole situation is made even more suspicious by the fact that the tweet was uploaded at 12:36am, over 90 minutes after he was supposed to be observing the silence. Why would it have taken them so long to upload it when that literally takes less than a minute?

Kinda makes me think that it was definitely staged, I dunno about you, but we all know that they’ll just deny this was the case and we’ll probably have already forgotten about it by next week because something else stupid will come up. Isn’t that just the way it always goes with these guys?

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