Boris Johnson Snatched A Journalist’s Phone Off Him And Put It In His Pocket When Asked Difficult Question


Only three days to go until the most important general election this country has ever seen and the propaganda machine from all parties is heading into overdrive in the run up to the end.

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Boris Johnson continues to shoot himself in the foot over and over again yet somehow remain fairly popular in one part of the demographic, but even his supporters would probably say that this interview is completely unacceptable. It involves a journalist trying to show him a picture of a four year old with pneumonia, who was made to lie on a bed of coats as there were no beds available in the hospital that he was being treated at and well, his reaction really is quite something:

Lol what? Really can’t understand why he would take that guy’s phone and put it in his pocket – did he really think the way that the interview was going that he wasn’t going to keep pressing him on it and would let it go? And then just to get it out and look at the photo and apologise for taking the phone is even more bizarre? If you’re gonna do something like that at least own it and go through with it instead of half assed backing out of It straight away. I guess it’s not that surprising though as it was pretty much his approach to getting Brexit done on October 31st. Psyche.

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