Boris Johnson Says That ‘Journalists Are Always Abusing People’ And Is Getting Rinsed For It

Remember he’s been accused of homophobia, racism and conspiring to beat up a journalist.

The whole country was united behind Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown, but he hasn’t even been able to wait 24 hours before he’s said something really stupid and screwed up a lot of the goodwill that he was had been receiving. Typical.

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Johnson was visiting a school career’s fair – not sure why this was allowed to happen? – where he was asked by the children in attendance about journalism, choosing to say that journalists are always abusing and attacking people and that’s why he left the profession. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before everyone reminded him that during his own career as a journalist/columinist, he conspired to have another journalist beaten up, called gay men ‘bumboys’, Muslim women ‘letterboxes’, black Africans ‘piccannies’ and was ultimately fired for making up quotes. Lol?

You can’t really believe that he’s actually coming out with that crap given what he’s done in his life can you, but then you think about everything he’s said in the past couple of years and you realise that it’s just part of the same old routine of distorting the truth and it really isn’t that surprising. Really discouraging that we’ve got so much more of this to go. Or maybe it’s funny depending on how you look at it?

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