Downing Street Forced To Deny They Photoshopped ‘Bizarre’ Picture Of Boris Johnson/Joe Biden Phone Call

What the hell is going on with this photo?

An official image released by No10 of Boris Johnson’s phone call with Joe Biden has left people baffled after a different image seemed to appear in the mirror’s reflection.

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Have a look for yourself and see what you think:

Well that’s weird. Why isn’t the phone cable visible in the mirror? Is it some kind of optical illusion to do with the angle the photo was taken? Has the image been Photoshopped for some bizarre reason?

People all over the internet were dumbfounded and coming up with wild theories that made no sense:

Ah yes, the cord was added for “visual impact”, and/or the government is trying to troll us! Some real Sherlock Holmes-level investigative work right there.

Journalist Robert Person later shut down the Photoshop theory by saying he had been assured by Downing St that they would never, ever doctor or photoshop a picture:

They wouldn’t lie to him, would they? Well, all jesting aside, it’s pretty obvious this image hasn’t been Photoshopped, mainly because there’s just no reason why anyone would waste time and money Photoshopping Boris Johnson… holding a phone. What would be the purpose of that?

Not to worry though – it looks like some people may have finally solved the mystery:

Aha! It all makes sense now. The cord is reflected in the mirror, but appears as a straight line due to the angle. So much easier to understand when you see the same thing demonstrated in Lego form! Thank you, Nick Harrison!

Welp, looks like we can all take our tin foil hats off now. Cheers for reading.

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