Boris Johnson Gives Speech To Socially Distanced School Children; Camera Pans Round To Packed Classroom

So dumb.

Haven’t really been focusing too much on how inept this government has been handling the Coronavirus pandemic in the past couple of weeks because it seems like they’ve kinda plateaued out on it, with nothing really being that surprising anymore despite most of it being beyond embarrassing – it’s kinda just par for the course now.

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This clip was just too good not to share though. We’ve long since gone past the idea that this Tory government is an episode of ‘The Thick Of It’ – or even a satire of ‘The Thick Of It’ it’s so bad – but this 30 seconds of video really does have it all.

Firstly, Boris Johnson is giving a speech to a bunch of ten year old kids about how they don’t have to be scared of Coronavirus and how it’s safe to go back to school. This already leads us to ask a whole bunch of questions – like are these six year olds even mature enough to know anything about anything in this situation? Or is Coronavirus actually not a threat anymore? – that we have no idea as to the answer, but this isn’t even the half of it.

It gets even better though when the speech ends and Johnson walks out of the classroom. The speech was shot at an angle so it looks like the classroom is effectively social distancing, but when it pans around following his exit, you can see that all the kids have been packed into the other side of the classroom to enable that shot and that no social distancing is really taking place at all. Perfect.

To top it all off, it sounds like one of the kids calls him an asshole on his way out as well:

Wow. I bet the best satirist and comedy writers in the world couldn’t come up with something as effective as that in such a short amount of time. There’s just so much going on. Maybe even beats that dumb Donald Trump interview from the other week as well.

If you missed that then, click here. Really was something else.


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