Boris Johnson Accused Of Being Drunk Following Rambling CBI Speech

Was Boris drunk?

Well, that Tweet about sums it up really. Boris Johnson was briefly lost for words this morning as he lost his place during a speech to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) conference in South Shields, so he decided to improvise by going on a tangent about how much he loves Peppa Pig.

He wasn’t kidding either – here’s Boris Johnson having the time of his life at Peppa Pig world recently…

Here’s the moment earlier in this speech where he lost his notes, which led to the Peppa Pig rambling and all the rest of it…

Following the speech, ITV News straight up asked the Prime Minister if everything was OK. Naturally, Boris thought the speech went really well!

In fairness to Boris, I don’t think he was drunk. Then again, would anyone be able to tell the difference? Going off-topic like a bumbling, eccentric buffoon is what Boris does best, especially at a time where the Tories are under increased scrutiny for all kinds of reasons. How could anyone hate a loveable, shaggy-haired oaf like Boris, right? He’s just trying to have fun! Peppa Pig!

Boris was already under fire earlier today when he forgot to wear his mask on the train, hours after apologising for forgetting to wear it at hospital. He’s got to be doing it on purpose at this point, surely?


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