Boris Johnson Denies Lying To The Queen To Get Parliament Suspended

Here we go.

Yesterday was fairly crazy as people were calling for Boris Johnson to resign after the Scottish courts found that his suspension of Parliament had been illegal and suggested that he lied to the Queen in order to get her to grant permission, but Johnson has predictably come out swinging today in opposition to the idea.

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Speaking during a visit to mark London International Shipping Week, when he was asked if he had lied to the Queen he responded with the following:

Absolutely not.

The High Court in England plainly agrees with us but the Supreme Court will have to decide.

We need a Queen’s Speech, we need to get on and do all sorts of things at a national level.

I’m very hopeful that we will get a deal, as I say, at that crucial summit. We’re working very hard – I’ve been around the European capitals talking to our friends.

I think we can see the rough area of a landing space, of how you can do it – it will be tough, it will be hard, but I think we can get there.

Well there you have it – full steam ahead or so it seems. I guess Boris still has to face down the Supreme Court next week over this issue, but he’ll probably get past that just about. Then I’ll be looking forward to leaving the EU on October 31st without a deal or whatever. See you then.

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