Boris Johnson Has Announced ‘We’ve Got A Deal’ Even Though The DUP Won’t Support It

It probably won’t get through Parliament.

Brexit really looked like it might happen for a second, but it seems like we’re moving back to the days of Theresa May’s attempts to get it through Parliament as Boris Johnson looks set to present a deal on Saturday that the DUP have already stated they won’t support.

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The announcement was made a few minutes ago, with both Boris and EU President Jean-Claude Juncker confident that the deal was beneficial to both the EU and the UK. Here’s what Juncker and Boris both tweeted:

Well that all sounds hunky dory doesn’t it? I’m not sure what exactly has changed in this deal, but the thing is this happened about three times to Theresa May and the Houses Of Parliament are even more divided now then when they were a few months ago. The DUP have already said that they’re going to vote against this deal and they’re key players here, whilst Labour are actively trying to prevent Parliament even sitting on Saturday to try and get the deal through.

Basically, it’s not looking like it will go through and so I  can’t really see it happening but hey, maybe Boris will finally get it done and he won’t end up dead in ditch. Stay tuned for the finale this Saturday!

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