Bored Security Guard Draws Eyes On £740,000 Painting On First Day Of Job

That’s an improvement if you ask me.

A security guard working his first day at the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg, Russia, managed to ruin a £740,000 painting by doodling two pairs of eyes with a ballpoint pen onto it.

Apparently the security guard, who is 60 years old, got ‘bored’ as he was walking around the exhibition and noticed Anna Leporskaya’s ‘Three Figures’ (1932–1934) artwork. I guess he thought that Anna forgot to draw eyes on the figures in her painting (classic mistake) and thought he was doing her favour?

As you might imagine, the unnamed security guard has now been sacked, and police have opened an investigation for vandalism which comes with a £395 (74.9 million Russian Rubles) fine and a one-year correctional labour sentence. And all because this security guard has a keen eye for detail and wanted to go the extra mile to impress everyone on his first day!

I mean just look at the before & after (via MailOnline):

You can’t tell me the version on the right doesn’t look a million times better than the original on the left. If the original was worth £740,000, then the security guard’s addition bumps it right up to £1 million, if not more. After all who’s buying a painting of people with no eyes? Might as well get a 5-year-old to draw you something and stick it on the fridge if that’s the level of art you appreciate.

Well anyway, thoughts & prayers with the security guard who was only trying to make a positive contribution. Maybe a rival art gallery will pick up on what he did and bring him in for some exclusive commissions? Or maybe the Russians will replace the painting with one of him falling out the window.

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