The Babysitter From Borat 2 Is RAKING It In On GoFundMe Because People Felt Sorry For Her

Quids in!

Sympathetic Borat fans have thus far raised over $50,000 for Jeanise Jones, the babysitter from Borat 2 who claimed she was ‘betrayed’ by the show’s producers (like pretty much everyone else on the show was).

If you haven’t seen the Borat sequel, 62-year-old Jeanise plays the hired babysitter for Borat’s daughter Tutar (played by the brilliant Maria Bakalova), who is about to be married off to an older man. However, Jeanise told The Post that she was tricked by producers into thinking that the film was a real documentary about grooming gangs.

Jeanise only realised she had been taken for a mug when the film’s trailer came out, which is why her performance seemed so genuine.

Well, someone started a GoFundMe page for Jeanise after she revealed she was only paid $3,600 for the role. At time of writing, she had already raked in more than $50k. Wawaweewa!

Welp, if people think this lady was so hard done by that they want to give her money to make her feel better, then more power to them. But I think earning $3600 from the role itself is pretty decent? Yeah the end product was a little bit different from what she expected, but that’s how films work in general. Things always change in the edit. It’s not like she wasn’t compensated for being tricked, is it? You could pay me $3600 to lie to me in a movie and I really wouldn’t care at all.

That said, it was her Pastor who started the GoFundMe for her so it’s not like she asked for it:

I thought it would be great to give people a vehicle to say thank you in a tangible way,” said the Rev. Derrick Scobey, Jones’ pastor at Oklahoma’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, who spearheaded the crowdfunding campaign.

She also lost her job due to the pandemic and was probably the most normal and likeable person in the entire movie so hey, fair enough. I’m sure she’s super appreciative to everyone who donated, especially as they’re sure to hit $100,000 in no time. Best of luck, Jeanise Jones! And congrats on your newfound wealth! You earned it (kinda).

If you haven’t seen Borat 2 yet – it’s well worth the watch. Check out the trailer below:

To meet Maria Bakalova – the Bulgarian actress who honey-trapped Rudy Giuliani – click HERE. A star has been born.


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