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Get your tickets now for the best festival of 2014.

Boomtown is a firm favourite here at Sick Chirpse and we’re pleased to announce that tickets for next year’s extravaganza are going on sale super early this year – in fact you can buy tickets for it tonight from 7pm.

The festival will take place on the Matterly Estate in Winchester again from August 7th – 10th and looks set to be even better than previous years as it has expanded once again to include a world music and folk stage which will be one of the main stages at the festival next year. There’s also a new district of Boomtown with a Wild West theme to it that will also feature what has been described as a ‘fully immersive bluegrass bar.’ I’m not really sure what that actually would entail but it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

No acts have been released yet but Boomtown is all about the festival and the atmosphere itself anyway so that shouldn’t stop you from buying a ticket tonight if you’ve got the money. Head over here to purchase them and if you need any more convincing of how sick Boomtown is and how it’s definitely worth your while to go then check out some of our coverage of last year’s festival below.

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