Love Gin? Then You Should Book A Night At The New Gin Hotel


Time to make reservations ASAP.

More than any other spirit I’ve come across, gin seems to be the one that the most people are obsessed with. So with that in mind it makes perfect sense that a gin hotel is opening soon in London’s trendy Portobello Road area.

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The Distillery is opening on December 16th and features four floors solely dedicated to gin drinking with three boutique guest rooms, each with its own minibar and record player. The ground floor will be a resting room with barrels of gin hanging from the ceiling, the second floor is a gin themed restaurant and the third floor is a private dining room. There’s also going to be a gin museum, a place to buy all the many different kinds of gin on offer and a workshop where you can learn how to make your own gin. It’s literally got everything you could want from a gin hotel.

Here’s the official line on the place from its founder Ged Feltham:


Guests can enjoy a considered selection of international spirits that have been aged in hand-built barrels suspended above the bar from which they will be directly served. Due to the spirit’s ongoing ageing process within the barrel, no two drinks will be the same.

We already have bookings for The Distillery from across Europe and even as far afield as South Africa – and the positive response to the project so far has been overwhelming!

The most exciting parts of the project are the new and unexpected opportunities that have come with a development of this size and scale. We are proud purveyors of London spirit and we look forward to exciting guests from around the globe with amazing gin and other wonderful new distillates and aged spirits.

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We haven’t even got to the best part of it yet either – the rooms are actually fairly reasonable to stay in, starting at £125 a night. Yeah, that might seem a bit expensive but it’s pretty much standard price when you’re staying in London these days so throw in a couple of bottles of gin and it’s all good. Definitely need to make reservations ASAP.

If this hotel still isn’t enough to satisfy your gin cravings, then check out this job that’s literally going to pay for you to drink gin all year round. 2016 baby.


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