Boohoo Are Now Selling ‘Reverse Jeans’

reverse Jeans

The first big fashion trend of 2019?

I’m not exactly one of the most fashionable people out there, but I’m pretty certain that these ‘reverse jeans’ are going to be one of the most awful fashion trends of 2019 – if they even get far enough to be referred to as a trend.

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‘Reverse jeans’ are pretty much exactly what you would probably think that they are – just a pair of jeans that’s worn inside out. The story gets even better when you discover why they decided to start selling them like this – apparently someone who works for them got dressed in the dark and didn’t realise they had put their jeans on back to front until they were in a big meeting and instead of admitting to the faux pas decided to own them and pitch them as the next big fashion trend.

It must have been a hell of a pitch because here we are and now they’re selling them. Most people seem to agree with my verdict on them and think that it’s a completely trash look:

Yeah people don’t actually seem that stoked about the opportunity to walk around looking like a twat with their jeans on inside out – which is kinda surprising in 2019 really because people usually tend to jump on that shit. I guess people that really want this look though could just do what the Boohoo employee did in the first place and turn their own pair of jeans inside out. No real advantage to actually buying an official pair is there? Bet Boohoo wished that they had thought of that.

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