Bodyslamming Car Windshields Is The Latest Dumb Trend Sweeping The Country


These things are just getting dumber and dumber.

From the same minds that undoubtedly bought you Neknominate, the choking game and the the duct tape challenge comes the latest trend that the nation’s youth is embracing: bodyslamming.

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Bodyslamming involves pretty much what you would probably expect it to – you run up to a car and throw yourself onto the windshield trying to smash it. Apparently there have been up to 20 incidentsreports in Leeds alone, with a couple captured on CCTV.

The one below took place in Leeds in the early hours of Sunday morning, although I’m not really sure what the second half of the video is all about:

Looks like a lot of fun actually to be fair, although I can’t really condone smashing up other people’s car windscreens because that would be fucking annoying to find in the morning, as 45 year old Michaela Camm discovered:

When I saw the car I expected him to have launched a brick at it – but somebody said to me ‘it looks like someone’s ‘body-slammed’ into that’.

When I saw the footage I was gobsmacked – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I don’t understand what they get out of ‘body-slamming’ the windscreen.

I’ve heard a few people have said it’s been happening in the area – I can’t think who in their right mind would do that.

Well I mean smashing stuff up can be kind of fun so I get that, but it’s not cool when it actually belongs to other people. Just have some respect and bodyslam your own car or some old banger that’s off the road if you want to smash up a windscreen so bad. Honestly.

For more slamming, check out this police officer brutally slamming a 12 year old girl for some reason. Big man.


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