Horrific Video Of Bodybuilder’s Pec Ripping Clean Off His Chest While Doing A Bench Press (NSFL)


A British bodybuilder has managed to rip his pec muscle clean off the bone while bench-pressing a ludicrous amount of weight over in Dubai.

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23-year-old Ryan Crowley is now relying on a GoFundMe set up by his trainer to help cover the surgical costs to repair the damage you’re about to see caused in this video. WARNING – it’s completely gruesome:


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OMFG that was awful. Genuinely almost puked the moment his pec tore off. Who even knew it could look this bad visually?

I’m not sure how much he was trying to lift there exactly but it was clearly too much, which I guess is why his trainer felt guilty enough to get a GoFundMe going ($38,000 raised thus far – not bad at all).

I mean I understand being in shape and wanting to look hench and whatnot, but there’s gotta be a limit to how hard you’re willing to push your body. Although looking at the size of this geezer you’d think he could probably lift anything he wanted to:

Here’s Ryan more recently following his surgery at Dubai’s King’s College Hospital:

Speaking after the surgery on social media, Ryan said:

An incredible thank you so much to everyone who has been involved and supported me in this terrible time, it’s been extremely devastating, painful and very mentally and physically impossible, but I’m keeping as strong and positive as I can.

Wishing Ryan a speedy recovery and hopefully he can resume his bodybuilding career as normal once he’s healed up. Maybe more stretching and fewer weights next time though.

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