This Body Builder Snapping His Leg In Two Is All Kinds Of Disgusting

Gym leg Break

Always know your limits.

One of the most important things about working out and lifting weights is to make sure that you always do it as safely as possible, but loads of people don’t pay any attention to that which is why accidents happen. Hopefully the video below will make you less likely to do that though because it’s truly horrific.

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Not sure where it’s filmed or what’s going on, but some dude is in the gym working out on the leg press. Unfortunately for him though, the press is loaded with way too much weight for him and his legs can’t take it at all, completely buckling under the strain in one of the most agonising breaks I think I’ve ever witnessed. If you’re fainthearted then you probably shouldn’t watch this video, seriously, because it’s completely gross:

Oh man. The way his leg just crumples the wrong way makes me want to throw up. All kinds of wrong.

No idea what happened to this dude but we’re wishing him a speedy recovery and hoping that his leg isn’t beyond repair. Everyone else should use this video as a warning not to overload your weights to try and look like the big man in the gym. It’s not gonna work if you end up breaking your bones, is it?

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