BMXers Storm Asda To Ride About, End Up Punching Shopper And Wrestling Old Woman (VIDEO)

ASDA shoppers

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A group of teens who stormed Asda on their BMX bikes caused quite the ruckus this week, ending in a kinda pathetic biker vs. shopper battle.

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Footage shows the kids riding about and pulling wheelies at the supermarket in Brighton – but when one shopper shouts “security”, it all goes a bit tits up.

The women in question grabs one of the bikers by the arm, leading to a bit of a tussle between the OAP and the teen, before he ends up punching some dude with a trolley for no apparent reason.

No, it’s not cool to be wrestling pensioners and punching shoppers, but honestly the whole thing just looks pretty dumb and ridiculous, especially when they start pulling shit off the shelves. See for yourself…

You just know that woman posted a VERY angry letter of complaint to Asda’s headquarters about their security management strategy.

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