BMXer Gets His Bike Confiscated For Interrupting Skate Run; Gets Schooled By Security Guard

Security Guard Schools BMXer

Mad skills.

There’s nothing better when some smart ass know it all gets absolutely schooled by someone else at the thing that they think they’re the best at, and this video amplifies that fact yet again.

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The video is taken from a skate competition over in Estonia, where some BMXer was riding around a skate park even though the security guards had told him not to multiple times. Asshole.

As such, the security guard came up to him and forcibly removed him from his bike, before mounting it himself and busting out this absolutely sick trick:

Told mate. No way is anyone gonna give you any respect for interrupting the skate run with your shitty tricks now. Why don’t you go crawling back to your little mommy and learn how to ride before messing with the big boys eh?

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