BMW Driver Filmed Hurling Racist Abuse After Traffic Warden Issues Him A Ticket

BMW angry man

Absolutely sickening behaviour.

A shocking video has emerged showing a BMW driver shouting racist abuse at a traffic warden who was administering him a parking ticket.

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Mark Winstanley, 36, from Chester, was about to receive a parking ticket on his black BMW for spending six minutes on the double lines while he went to Sainsbury’s and the bookies. Classic.

However, instead of accepting the mild irritation of getting a ticket, Winstanley launched into a full on racially charged attack. Here are just some of the truly awful comments he shouts at the warden:

You’re a f**king dead man.

I’m going to f**k you up, you n*****.

Black t***.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? It’s worrying that there are so many closet racists out there. Obviously no one likes a ticket, but that’s no excuse to start throwing racial abuse around and threatening to kill someone. The poor guy was just doing his job.

On the plus side, I’m glad that the traffic warden filmed him because now everyone can see what a racist and vile man Winstanley is. Not only that, but the police tracked him down and he’s been sentenced to 200 hours community service and had to pay his victim £100 compensation for his angry tirade. Sweet, sweet justice.

As said, it’s just worrying that there are so many racists out there who are ready to attack at any moment. Just check out this guy’s rant after he was refused entry on the bus. Not cool at all.


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