This BMW Driver Purposely Blocking An Ambulance And Having A Go At The Driver Is The Absolute Worst

What an utter bell end this guy is.

The YouTube description here seems poorly translated, but you get the gist:

Recall traffic incident received wide publicity, occurred on Tuesday, September 15 at the section of the route between Zelenograd and the airport “Sheremetyevo”. On the record shows that the driver of a sport coupe BMW M6 red numbers do not have 236 777 special vehicle ahead on the right hand, left his band and began to slow down, then stopped. When the ambulance driver attempted to overtake a foreign car, BMW prevent this maneuver, locking the medical car. The man, who was driving a sport coupe, the driver began to show gestures of “first”, he turned to the right lane, and then got out and repeated roughly the same words. “You do not come to the challenge, I see it perfectly. You use [inaudible] for other purposes, in violation of the Administrative Code. You are not allowed to drive on the left lane, “- said the driver of BMW.

So not only this guy trying to act like he owns the road, he’s trying to big league an ambulance which might easily be on the way to saving someone’s life. The fact this prick drives a BMW just makes him extra hateable. I mean it’s one thing being the type of moron who cuts up ambulances but when you’re a BMW driver doing it then you might as well be Hitler.

Am I just jealous this guy has a BMW? Probably. Still a prick though.

Would love to see these vigilante Russian kids who hate bad drivers teach him a lesson in road etiquette.


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