BLM Protester Armed With A Knife Gets Knocked Out Cold After Being Hit With A Helmet (VIDEO)

Don’t bring a knife to a helmet fight.

The BLM/Antifa Vs MAGA street wars rage on in Washington DC, with members on both sides starring in unfortunate knockout videos these last couple days.

Here we have one BLM-supporting young lady brandishing a knife in the middle of the street, and the opposition doing what they can to take her out of the equation i.e. cracking her in the skull in with a helmet:

Welp, don’t bring a knife to a helmet fight? Actually surprised the helmet-on-helmet impact managed to knock her out but I guess that’s how hard the guy swung at her.

Obviously it’s awful seeing anyone get knocked out like this, especially a female, but she was carrying a knife and threatening to use it and so who knows – the guy who knocked her out may have potentially saved lives. Not to mention she was only approached after she stole their flag and they were trying to tell her to give it back. Then she started freaking out and pulled out a knife.

BTW, what was all that about “don’t touch my wife”? Her wife rode off on her bike as soon as she got KO’d. Pretty awkward. Let’s hope Joe Biden or whoever is in office come January can calm Americans down and give them something else to do with their time than try to kill each other all day.

For yesterday’s clip of a Trump supporter being knocked out cold for trying to fight a woman, click HERE.


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