‘Black Mirror’ Makers Confirm Donald Trump’s Win Is Not An Episode Of ‘Black Mirror’


Understandable mistake.

As the world watched in disbelief this morning as Donald Trump was named the 45th president of the U.S., it almost felt like we were part of some kind of alternative reality. Like this is all just a joke highlighting the mess that the world has got itself into. Almost like an episode of Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’.

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However, apparently it turns out that we are not living in the dystopian future outlined in this popular series and unfortunately this is not a nightmare that we can wake up from. To confirm that they played no part in this, the show’s makers even took to Twitter to confirm they hadn’t just made the whole thing up and stuck it on every channel:

It still didn’t stop everyone from speculating though:

Brooker pretty much predicted this whole mess with his episode ‘The Waldo’ (which was actually meant to represent Boris Johnson). Brooker said: 

At the time, I thought that was one episode that I didn’t really nail, didn’t get the stakes right.

But if you look at that now, it’s more prescient than I realised. He’s an anti-politics candidate who’s raucous and defensive, and that’s all he is, and he offers nothing. He insults everyone and they lap it up because they’re so sick of the status quo.

And then you look at Trump.

Damn straight. People like the fact that Trump is “straight talking,” a trait that has completely overshadowed the fact that he’s a racist, sexist moron who has absolutely no experience in politics. Good one America.

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