Bizarre Video Surfaces Of Naked Woman Hiding From Hikers In The Snow

Weirdest wildlife shot ever.

This weird video shows a woman crouching butt-naked in the snow as her and the film maker hide from a pair of hikers.

It’s unknown as to what the hell the pair were up to, but people are saying that they are lovers trying to make a raunchy video or take photos amongst the snowy scenery. Bit of an odd place to do it don’t you think – nearly as weird as this attempt by Kim and Kanye.

You can hear the woman in the video saying:

People are coming, you have to hide.

Despite being literally starkers and most likely freezing cold, she seems pretty blasé about the whole thing. Check it out:

By the look of the ending, seems like they got away with it. I just want to know what they were up to – maybe it was their mad way of trying to spice things up in the bedroom by taking it out of the bedroom and making it freezing cold.

Oh well, at least they were a little bit original. Not like this couple who got caught on CCTV having sex at a Fifty Shades of Grey Exhibition.


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