Birds With Arms Are Back But This Time They’re ALIVE!

We’ve all seen pics of birds with arms, but this time they’re MOVING! OMG.

A little while back we showed you the pictures of birds with human arms that infected the internet for a while. Before that there was the revenge of the ‘dirds’ – dogs mixed with birds. Today I proudly bring before you more birds with arms, BUT this time in a GIF format. It makes all the difference, trust me.

Why would someone spend their hard earned time creating something like this? Well, I think that once you’ve had a shimmy through the slides below you’ll be able to answer that question yourself: they are awesome.

The chicken one’s my favourite. I’ve heard you can get TV screens on your gravestone nowadays, if so, when I go, I want that chicken running across my TV-tomb stone for the rest of eternity. Please.

Birds With Arms - tennis

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