Birdman Is Now Selling ‘Put Some Respek On My Name’ T-Shirts

I wonder if he even knows he’s spelling it incorrectly.

Last week we shared footage of an interview Birdman did on The Breakfast Club where he rocked up with a few goons and tried to intimidate the interviewers for not putting enough ‘respek’ on his name.

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The interviewers didn’t seem very frightened though, instead calling Birdman out on his tough guy act until he walked out of the room.

Here’s a reminder:

Well, credit where it’s due, Birdman has taken a negative and turned it into a positive by releasing his own line of ‘Put Some Respek On My Name’ T-Shirts and hoodies:



That’s not even the funniest part – if you go to the merch store there’s actually more T-shirts and hoodies with other quotes from his on-air meltdown. In fact I think every single word that came out of his mouth during that interview is now on a T-shirt, including, “Finish or you done,” “I ain’t gonna say it no mo,” and, “all y’all.”


I guess when he rapped, “Birdman baby, I’m fly in any weather,” he wasn’t joking. The guy might be a gassed-up idiot who takes himself too seriously but he knows how to make money off any situation, that’s for sure.

Never forget:


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