Kids YouTube Star ‘Blippi’ Exposed For NSFL Viral Video In Which He Shits On His Friend


Children’s entertainer Stevin John AKA ‘Blippi’ is a massive YouTube star; he has over 11.3 million subscribers across three channels (Blippi, Blippi Toys and Blippi Espanol) and altogether has racked up literally BILLIONS of views.

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Here’s the sort of thing he does:

But as is frequently the case with famous people these days, Blippi’s past life has been dug up and it turns out he had a previous online persona known as ‘Steezy Grossman’, and he made a proper disgusting video during the ‘Harlem Shake’ era in which he took a giant shit on his friend.

Journalist Katie Notopoulos explains:

The entertainer then known as Steezy Grossman put his own spin on the meme: In “Harlem Shake Poop,” set in the interior of a sparse bathroom with a shower stall, you see him sitting on the toilet, pants down around his ankles. He’s wearing a tank top, sunglasses, and, for some reason, a bicycle helmet. He gently shrugs his shoulders, rolling his arms to the beat.

The beat drops, and suddenly the video cuts to Steezy standing sideways on top of the toilet seat, fully nude now except for the helmet and sunglasses.

On the floor, a friend — whose identity is not known — leans against the wall in a contorted shoulderstand, his head and neck on the floor, his hips in the air, his legs dangling down. He is also fully nude except for goggles and a swim cap. A black bar has been edited over his genitals, blocking out not just his penis and scrotum, but also the full taint and b-hole.

After a few seconds of dancing on the toilet, it happens. Steezy emits an explosive stream of shit, a cacophonous eruption that sends feces splattering across the room in a shotgun-like spray of poo pellets. Shit hits the wall, the glass shower door, the floor. And a sizable chunk hits its intended target: the spread-cheeked ass of his friend.

Yep… not only did Blippi poop on his friend. He pooped in/on his friend’s butt. WTF?

We searched far and wide for the video, but apparently someone representing Blippi filed a DMCA copyright takedown request to have the embarrassing video wiped from the internet (given his new role as children’s entertainer). Smart.

We do have this artist rendering however:

And we found these reaction videos:

Indeed, the guy loves his chocolate:

So obviously there are parents now worried that their kids are watching this guy’s content on YouTube. I think it’s safe to say he won’t be uploading any similar videos given the effort he’s put into erasing the original video from existence and the fact he has a goldmine of a YouTube business to protect. But still, you can understand their concerns.

Overall though, I think Notopoulos’s summary is pretty fair:

Gross? Sure. But what we have here is a consensual, nonsexual poop joke. No one got hurt; it’s not sexist or criminal or problematic; it’s just pure Jackass prank stupidity. If two adult men want to take a crap on each other for the sake of a viral video, I say god bless them.

Let’s just keep him well away from the Poop Wizard – I don’t think the world could handle a tag team like that.


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