Binman Who Got Fired For Kicking The Sh-t Out Of A Kid’s Snowman Will NOT Be Reinstated, Say Bosses

A petition launched to rehire Callum Woodhouse racked up 10,000 signatures.

The other week, 19-year-old binman Callum Woodhouse was sacked after kicking the head off a young child’s snowman while on the job in Hereford, which I don’t think anyone realised was a fireable offense.

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Here’s a reminder:

The whole thing went viral after it was revealed that 3-year-old Joseph Taylor, who helped build the snowman, watched it get decapitated from the window of his home and was left ‘in floods of tears’ over it.

What’s more, Callum refused to apologise, saying he didn’t realise that it would upset the “snowflakes” (lol) and because he believes it’s a pisstake that he’s been fired over the incident. Callum told The Mirror:

The outcome is I’ve lost my job. I didn’t think it was legal to sack me for kicking a snowman.

When I said to my boss ‘I’ve got a family I need this job’ he said ‘I don’t give a sh*t’.

Despite a petition launched to rehire Callum racking up 10,000 signatures at time of writing, FFC Environment has announced that the matter has been “concluded” and Callum won’t be getting his job back. Gutted. What’s he supposed to do now? Sit at home and blaze all day?

Now don’t get me wrong – in a vaccum, kicking the head off a 3-year-old’s snowman is a total dick move, but when you put it into context, is it really a big deal? For one, Callum had no clue that the kid was looking on from inside his house. Secondly, did you see the snowman? That thing was looking like a pile of dirty snow just sitting there on the concrete. It’s not like Callum destroyed a freshly-built snowman and then cackled like a supervillain who just ruined Christmas. Just seems extremely weak for someone to lose their job over kicking a snowman, especially when we’re talking a 19-year-old kid whose girlfriend is expecting a child.

What’s more surprising is that FCC Environment upheld his sacking after the petition hit 10,000 signatures. Can’t you just put him on a different route or something? I mean we’re all allowed to have bad days during the pandemic, and a 19-year-old binman should be no different. Yeah OK he probably didn’t help his case by refusing to apologise, but at the end of the day all he did was kick a lump of frozen, dirty water. I say reinstate Callum Woodhouse! Just have him promise to not demolish anymore snowmen. As for 3-year-old Joseph Taylor – come on lad, grow a pair!

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