Binman Who Went Viral For Kicking The Sh-t Out Of A Kid’s Snowman Says Sacking ‘Messed Him Up Big Time’

‘Losing that job did mess me over big time. I haven’t had a full-time job since.’

Back in January 2021, 19-year-old binman Callum Woodhouse was sacked after kicking the head off a young child’s snowman while on the job in Hereford, which I don’t think anyone realised was a fireable offense. Here’s a reminder:

The whole thing went viral after it was revealed that 3-year-old Joseph Taylor, who helped build the snowman, watched it get decapitated from the window of his home and was left ‘in floods of tears’ over it.

What’s more, Callum refused to apologise, saying he didn’t realise that it would upset the “snowflakes” (lol) and because he believes it’s a pisstake that he’s been fired over the incident. Callum told The Mirror at the time:

The outcome is I’ve lost my job. I didn’t think it was legal to sack me for kicking a snowman.

When I said to my boss ‘I’ve got a family I need this job’ he said ‘I don’t give a sh*t’.

Well two years since the incident, Callum has told The Daily Star that getting sacked ‘did mess me over big time’ and that he hasn’t had a full-time job since then:

The worst part is I always came into work to cover someone – not once did I let the company down. They should’ve taken that into consideration. I’ll say it again, the snowman would’ve melted anyway.

I put more than I should’ve done into that job, the way I got done over like that.

He’s now working cash in hand jobs to make ends meet, which is pretty harsh really. Don’t get me wrong – in a vaccum, kicking the head off a 3-year-old’s snowman is a total d-ck move, but when you put it into context, is it really a big deal? For one, Callum had no clue that the kid was looking on from inside his house. Secondly, did you see the snowman? That thing was looking like a pile of dirty snow just sitting there on the concrete. It’s not like Callum destroyed a freshly-built snowman and then cackled like a supervillain who just ruined Christmas. Just seems extremely weak for someone to lose their job over kicking a snowman, and still be feeling the consequences 2 years later. Especially when we’re talking a guy with a young family. Hopefully someone out there sees this story and throws Callum a bone for Christmas and 2023. Might want to scrub the old FB of these kinds of photos though…

For the man who was arrested for having sex with a stuffed ‘Olaf’ snowman toy in front of horrified shoppers, click HERE. Won’t somebody think of the snowmen?


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