A Binman Who Was Filmed Booting A Child’s Snowman’s Head Off Has Refused To Apologise

He’s labelled everyone complaining as ‘snowflakes’.

Some domestic drama now after a week of excitement on Wall Street and the usual Covid bollocks, as a binman has been roundly condemned for kicking the head off a child’s snowman whilst unbeknownst to the guy, the child looked on inside his home and burst into tears.

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The binman was picked up performing the act on CCTV and has subsequently been fired from his job in Herefordshire. He’s now decided to defend himself in quite a lengthy, rambly and downright weird Facebook post where he basically calls everyone snowflakes and compares his actions to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Crucially though, he refuses to apologise and stands by his actions which probably isn’t endearing himself to anyone. Take a read below and see what you think:

Yes I kicked the snowman. No it doesn’t have feelings.

Yes the people who made it (kids) have young feelings. Let’s look at the bigger problem in this world Covid-19 people have feelings about this.

People are dropping dead by a virus. Think of it like this, that snowman wouldn’t be there tomorrow, any feelings then?…no.

I understand people made this snowman but it’s gonna melt anyhow.

I don’t understand why this has came to this.

The people that are complaining are snowflakes.

Think I’ve gotta side with the binman on this one. It sounds as though he had no idea that the kid was watching from inside his house and was just messing around kicking a snowman that – like he said – would have melted pretty soon anyway. Yeah it sucks that the kid had to see it and got upset, but it wasn’t intentional and everyone has probably kicked a snowman that they didn’t make at some point in their life. I don’t think the guy should have to lose his job over it or even be punished for it.

Basically, the kid should just suck it up. Maybe if the binman had just said sorry then it would have been different but who knows? This one really is woke culture gone mad for me.

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