Billy McFarland Reveals Details About PYRT: ‘A Virtual Immersive Decentralised Reality’



Fyre Festival creator Billy McFarland was released from jail a few weeks ago and has wasted no time in attempting to rehabilitate his public image, seemingly by organising another event that sounds exactly like Fyre Festival and hoping that it will go off without a hitch this time. What could possibly go wrong?

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Billy started teasing something called PYRT (pronounced ‘pirate’ – very cool) as soon as he was released but it doesn’t seem as if there are any concrete details about it just yet. Billy has so far posted a teaser video on his YouTube channel, then followed that up with a TikTok where he sort of explains what PYRT is, except that it doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever.

Take a look at them both below and see what you think:

@pyrtbilly For all of those that either love to hate or genuinely support me… THIS is what I’ve been working on. THIS is what will clear the air. THIS IS PYRT @PYRT 🏴‍☠️ ♬ Super Gremlin – Kodak Black

PYRT is not a festival. It is not an event. And it’s definitely not the metaverse.

PYRT is virtual immersive decentralised reality.

The project will partner with a small, remote destination in the Bahamas to host a handful of artists, content creators, entrepreneurs and any of you guys who end up joining the PYRT crew.

Others across the world can join a virtual recreation of the island to not only watch what’s happening live, but they can actually come together with their friends to effect and even own their real world adventures.

OK? There’s so much about that that I don’t understand but I think the most confusing part of it all is that McFarland starts it all off by saying it’s not a festival or an event or the metaverse and then proceeds to describe something that sounds exactly like all three of them? I know what the words ‘virtual’, ‘immersive’, ‘decentralised’ and ‘reality’ all mean too, but I’ve got no idea what they’re supposed to represent when all bunched up together in a sentence like that either. What is going on?

It’s also really funny that when the Bahamas got wind of this video, they already released a statement saying that they hadn’t received any paperwork or anything from Billy about PYRT and would actively try and block him doing anything like this on any of their islands, even going so far as to describe him as a fugitive. Of course, that probably won’t stop him from setting it up as he literally does whatever he wants all the time, but hopefully that at least discourages anyone from actually joining up with this dumb venture because it seems fairly obvious that it’s going to end badly and lose everyone involved a bunch of money again.

Billy doesn’t seem too bothered about that though, as his latest TikTok sees him enjoying a zero gravity flight with some ‘competition winners’. Guy is clearly living in his own world/planet/virtual decentralised immersive reality. Would advise not trying to go anywhere near its orbit.

@pyrtbilly🏴‍☠️PYRT CREW X ZERO GRAVITY🏴‍☠️

♬ original sound – Billy McFarland

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