So-Called Billionaire Goes On Racist Rant After Smoking On The Bus (VIDEO)

Not cool.

No matter how many examples of racist incidents we’ve seen on public transport over the years, it’s still shocking to see it go down in 2021. Especially when the offender is a billionaire taking the bus! I guess his private jet was being serviced so he had no choice but to jump aboard the 27 bus to Paddington. No wonder he’s so wound up!

All jokes aside, this guy is probably mentally ill so I just feel sorry for him tbh. Lucky for him no one grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and launched him off the bus, which would have been understandable. The Met Police have contacted the uploader and asked them to get in touch, so it looks like this self-proclaimed billionaire will receive a stern talking to at the very least. Can’t be telling people to “go back your own country” in 2021, can you? Just ask the cyclist who rode through Chinatown and said the same thing. Instant regret.


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