Take A Look At This Kid’s Insane £800,000 Trainer Collection

Trainer collection


If I was the son of a billionaire then you can damn well believe that I would be spending money on absolute nonsense all the fucking time, but I don’t think that I could ever match this kid’s obsession with trainers.

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Money Kicks (sick name) might only be young, but he’s already amassed one of the most impressive trainer collections in the whole entire world at a cost of almost $1million (about £800,000), which is probably pocket change for him. He loves trainers so much that he even has a car wrapped in Yeezy Boost print and a pair of baby Yeezys that he bought for his pet monkey.

Of course he fucking has a pair of trainers for his pet monkey, he’s a goddamn millionaire:

Ugh. Some people really do have it all and don’t even know it hey? Just spending money on really expensive trainers and then throwing them on the floor so hard that they crack. Wish I could just treat $1,000 pairs of shoes like that. One day.

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