Billie Eilish Has Been Slammed After A ‘Racist’ Video Emerged Online

Is Billie Eilish racist?

Another day, another celebrity getting slammed on social media over something that was probably a misunderstanding at worst.

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This time it’s the turn of Billie Eilish, who has apparently been acting racist after a clip was shared of her using a derogatory, racist slur used against Chinese and Asian people. It was shared by TikTok user @lxcvy who then immediately followed it up with a video of her brother Finneas saying that Billie sometimes talks with a ‘blaccent’:

Take a look at the footage below and see what you think:

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Yeah I’m not really sure if that’s enough to cancel anyone or call them racist? It’s a 20 second clip of three separate incidents – some of them only one or two seconds long – presented without any context that could literally have multiple different explanations for them.

Think if anyone truly wants to try and cancel Billie Eilish then they need to do a better job than this, but the clip already has almost a million views so people are clearly taking notice. Don’t really think Billie needs to answer anything here though, do you?

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