Bill Murray Swiped A Total Stranger’s Chips And Somehow Didn’t Get Beaten Up

Only Bill Murray could get away with this sort of behaviour.

If there’s one person on this planet who can steal a random person’s chips from their plate and not get punched in the face for it, it’s Bill Murray.

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While at Martha’s Vineyard Airport, Reddit user sonowthatimhre posted some pictures of the acting legend casually stealing another man’s French fries and eating them in his face:



According to the poster, Murray was dropping some friends off at the airport and their flight was delayed. While they waited, Bill thought nothing of walking up to this total stranger’s table and pinching his food.



Everyone loves Bill Murray, and that’s why he can get away with shit like this. Everyone he meets recognises him as a legend. However Bill needs to start being careful because this type of behaviour might still get him sparked out one day, 65 year-old-man or not. I mean would I let Bill Murray steal my chips? Yeah probably. But one day he’s going to steal some chips from someone who will punch him in the face before their brain can even register that he’s Bill fucking Murray. Just saying – some people will react instantly when you take food off their plate. No time to sit there trying to identify who did it. Careful there, Bill.

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