Bill Murray Colouring Book

Have you ever wanted to colour in pictures of Bill Murray? You’re in luck.

Bill Murray has been a staple of cool ever since Wes Anderson brought him out of retirement to star in every single of his movies ever and then even hipper directors like Sofia Coppola and Jim Jarmusch got a hold of him and he became even cooler by proxy and he’s now pretty much universally loved by everyone in a non-ironic way. It’s pretty hard to be SO universally popular so you really gotta salute him for that.

I think it’s probably really hard to have a colouring book made based solely around you so that’s something else we’ve got to salute him for now because it’s actually happened. I’m not sure if little kids are going to want to be colouring in pictures of Bill Murray but then I guess it’s quite a hipster/ironic thing to be doing these days for people in their mid 20’s. You know, buy a can of Becks and go sit in the park on a sunny day and do some colouring in in your Bill Murray colouring book. I couldn’t think of a better way to scope chicks in East London.

Having totally ripped the idea of it though I do actually think the Bill Murray colouring book looks kind of cool. There’s a long list of artists who are involved in it who I have never heard of but they all look like they’re doing a pretty sick job of depicting Bill Murray in all of his glory. Nicholas Stevenson, Anneka Lange, Murray Somerville, Donald Ely, Hattie Stewart, Bridget Meyne, Tobias Hall, Tilly W, Lucy Ketchin, Mike Force, Rich Fairhead, Mary Cheung, Sean Wars, Mary-Louise Plum, Sam Morrison, Logan Fitzpatrick, Catherine Askew, Michael Kilkelly, Brooke Olsen, Chris Arrowsmith, Jonny Packham, Jaypee Murray, James Burgess, Thomas Key and Nathan Dirienzo are the artists if you’re interested but I guess you’re probably more interested in just checking out some of the pictures. Here they are:

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