Bill Murray Is Breaking Into The Fashion World With His New Golf Clothing Line


This man is the gift that keeps on giving.

Despite being a fantastic actor, Bill Murray is also fairly well known for just being a grade A goofball in real life and doing all kinds of weird shit, all the time. The latest in this series of events is starting a golf apparel company.

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Murray has teamed up with his brothers and John Resig to launch ‘Williams Murray’ which aims to ‘put the fun back in the game’ by selling a load of wacky shirts and trousers. The logo is Bill Murray jokingly throwing his putter at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Arm and the designs of the outfit are a lot more ‘unconventional’ than your regular golf attire.

Take a look at a few of them below:




My favourite is definitely the one with the glasses of alcohol where a few random ones are actually spilt – gotta love that attention to detail. And in fairness, as someone who absolutely hates golf, I’ve gotta say I might be more inclined to try and get into it if I could wear these cool threads instead. Still not gonna happen though.

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