Bill Murray Is About To Go On A Music Tour

Bill Murray

The man, the myth, the living legend.

The world’s favourite actor, Bill Murray, has announced plans to release a classical music album this summer.

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As part of its release, Murray will go on tour to sing and perform literary readings for his project called New Worlds, a chamber music recital led by cellist Jan Vogler. Taking this show on the road, both men will be accompanied by an orchestra, which will include Murray’s wife Mira Wang on violin.

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Murray will sing music from George Gershwin and Stephen Foster, with his spoken word excerpts including work from Mark Twain, Walk Whitman and Ernest Hemingway.

The only bad news about this whole thing is that the tour will only take place in North America. So if you’re at that side of the world this summer, you should 100% try to get a ticket for one of his shows.

This isn’t the first time Murray has ventured into the world of music. He also recently joined forces with Paul Shaffer to release ‘Happy Street’.

Murray’s talents know no bounds. For more on this absolute ManGod, here are five times Bill Murray was the absolute man.


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