Bill Gates Has Invented An Implantable Birth Control Micro Chip That Lasts 16 Years And Can Be Turned On And Off

The birth control game is about to change forever and it’s all thanks to Bill Gates.

Come 2018 the birth control game is going to change forever thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation backing a new form of contraception — wireless birth control.

Implantable birth control is nothing new, but current methods such as contraceptive rings are only good for around three years.

This new micro chip device, being developed by MicroCHIPS, would be good for up to 16 years and you would simply have to switch the device on and off depending on if you wanted to get pregnant or not.

It works by releasing a pregnancy-locking hormone called levonorgestrel:

Once they make sure there’s no way the device can be hacked, it’ll be good to go on the mass market and I guess completely eradicate the need for the Pill ever again.

Sounds like a great solution to us and we’re fully confident about it knowing that the richest and smartest dude in the world is behind it. What does Bill Gates fail at after all? Absolutely nothing.

Can’t wait to have my sperm murdered by an electronic microchip under my girlfriend’s skin — welcome to the future.


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