This Monster Is The Biggest Line Caught Fish Ever

Has Steve Irwin taught us nothing?

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I know I don’t need to remind you of the mind-blowing swarm of sinister occupants that dwell in the the world’s waterways, they’re too numerous to mention. As terrifying and gross as many of them are, I can’t help but be amazed by them. This behemoth we see here has the accolade of being the largest fish ever caught on a fishing line.

Clocking in at 800 lbs this pregnant mother stingray took a full two hours of grunting and grinding to get it into position. Eight-hundred pounds is the equivalent of nearly 1.5 Andre The Giants, or 33 crates of Stella i.e. it’s a big old fish. The flimsy curtain of a critter is 14 ft long and 8 ft wide to boot.

The stingray was dragged ashore by American TV nature conservationist Jeff Corwin on the Maeklong River in Thailand. Corwin was chuffed to bits. I once went fishing in Thailand, I caught about 10 lbs of river weed, a serious bout of the squits and an unhealthy dose of sunburn. But I’m not exactly a pro.

I can’t believe how chilled out they all are being so close to the stingray. Have they forgotten about Steve Irwin’s demise already?

Check this magnificent mother out across the following slides:

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