VIDEO: Is This The Best Jenga Move Of All Time?


We all know how much it sucks to lose at Jenga, and that makes this video even more inspirational.

There’s nothing worse than losing at Jenga, especially when you’re trying really hard to get that block out and then the whole tower just falls down – you feel like an idiot, everyone is yelling Jenga and laughing at you and you’ve lost the game and it really does suck. That’s what makes this next video so inspirational.

I’m not exactly sure why the guy in the video is moving the bottom block of the Jenga tower and not one of the ones nearer the top – as there are a lot of easier options he could go for – but the move he pulls out is absolutely phenomenal. There’s only one block at the bottom and he uses a DVD case – The Hobbit – to swipe it out really quickly. Miraculously, the guy does it with such speed that the tower doesn’t collapse and stays upright with all of the blocks present and accounted for. What an absolutely sick move.

Some spoilsports have commented on the video saying that it’s not technically a legal move because he didn’t use his hands, but we’re not listening to them.

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