Incredible Photos Of The Biggest Cities On Earth Without Power At Night

Light pollution prevents us from ever seeing the stars when we’re in the big city, but fortunately photographer Thierry Cohen has created these images to help us with that problem.

Ever wonder why when you’re hanging out in the city looking up in the sky you never ever see any stars, yet when you’re in the countryside you can see them for miles and miles? The answer is light pollution/pollution and sadly this means that we’ll probably never see that many stars when hanging out in the big city.

In real life anyway. Photographer Thierry Cohen has decided to create these images of some of the biggest cities in the world and photoshop the equivalent skyline behind them if the pollution surrounding them didn’t exist. Not only are the resulting shots hauntingly beautiful, but they also serve as a reminder of the effect that pollution can have on our planet.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Without Power

Hong Kong Without Power 2

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Without Power 1

Los Angeles Without Power 2

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