Big Zuu Embarrasses Naga Munchetty On Live TV By Bringing Up Ibiza Meeting In Awkward Interview

This was so bloody awkward.

Seriously cringe scenes on BBC Breakfast earlier as rapper Big Zuu appeared on the program to plug his new series Big Zuu’s Big Eats.

Apparently bringing up the fact you’ve previously met one of the hosts in Ibiza is not proper live TV etiquette, and boy was the second-hand embarrassment palpable:

Jeez, how awkward was that? Were Big Zuu and Naga Munchetty on the gear together at this party or something? I really don’t know what she’s so embarrassed about but she probably could have played it off a little bit better. Could have easily said “I do enjoy live music and I also enjoy your cooking show, how did that come about?”. I guess she was so caught by surprise while in BBC Breakfast persona mode that she didn’t know how to respond. Even still, her reaction made it seem a bigger deal than what it actually was. No doubt there was a swift apology from Big Zuu when the cameras stopped rolling!

For more awkwardness, here’s the moment a reporter asked Prince William if he supports Prince Andrew. Yikes.


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