Big Macs Are About To Get A Giant Makeover

New Big Macs

Get in my mouth.

Big Macs are about to get a huge makeover – and this time it might finally involve the UK.

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We’ve reported on a fair few menu items at our chapel of hungover praise over the years, here at Sick Chirpse. But it always seems like other countries are getting the good stuff, while we’re being fobbed off with some fake iPads for the kids to play with. It’s shit.

However, if things go well over in the US with the new burgers that are currently being trialled, it’s likely they’ll be rolled out worldwide – and it’s a gooden.

In an attempt to turbo-boost the brand’s dwindling sales, they’re introducing two new versions of their best seller the Big Mac, one being a giant burger and the other being a smaller, bitesized imitation.

The Grand Mac will contain the two thicker beef patties that you get in other burgers in the fast food joint (none of that flimsy shit we get at the moment) and will retail for around £3.40. Not bad considering you’re getting 890 calories for that money – it’s going to be cheaper and easier than ever to get fat which is what we all want really.

On the other hand, if you do want to watch the waist line (you probably shouldn’t be in Maccy Ds at all, if that’s the case. But who am I to judge), then they’ll also be offering a smaller Big Mac – the Mac Jr.

The Grand Mac

Not much has been said about this one, but apparently the idea is that it’ll be ‘easier to eat on the go’ – whatever that means. One handed, perhaps? It only has one patty and doesn’t have the bit of bun in the middle – so it’s not really a Big Mac at all – but let’s not point that out in case they decide to ignore us over here in the UK again. The Jr. contains just over half the calories of its big brother, at 480 per burger; and will retail for exactly half the price. A measly £1.70.

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All we need now is for McDonalds to bring these burgers over here, along with that delivery service that’s been kicking around the rumour mill for a while, and we’re set.


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