Biffy Clyro Covered ‘WAP’ In The BBC Live Lounge And It Was Beyond Terrible


It still kinda surprises me how Buffy Clyro are one of the biggest rock bands in the world because I still remember when they were wee NME upstarts back in the day making some pretty decent music, so it’s kinda sad to see them rock up onto the BBC Live Lounge and produce this atrocious cover of Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s WAP.

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I know you’ve clicked on this because you wanna see just how bad it can be, but I’m actually going to implore you not to bother as it really is that terrible. I think I only made it through about twenty seconds of it before I had to turn it off.

If you need any more reasons not to click play below, it turns out that for censorship reasons they’re replaced every ‘pussy’ in the song with ‘biff’ or ‘biffy’ which is just as cringey as it sounds. Urgghhhhh.

I hope you didn’t watch it, but in case you did I beg you not to share it with your friends so it quickly fades off the face of the public consciousness to reside in the same little pit of hell where Metallica and Lou Reed’s collaborative effort Lulu is currently stationed.

I thought Buffy might be able to make it cool or do something with the song because they’re killer musicians and do a lot of interesting stuff in their music, but the whole thing just comes across really badly and embarrassing, almost like they’re half assing it completely. They aren’t even singing properly for most of it, although I suppose you have to respect that the rapping/flow was quite hard and he nails that.

I was hoping when the guitars came in it might have made it a bit better but it actually became even worse – especially at the end when it goes into proper spaz core mode – which was pretty surprising. That’s a talent in itself I suppose. I’m hoping that they just decided to make it as awful as possible as a joke – to be fair that is kinda funny – because if they were being serious I might have lost all respect that I ever had for them.

For more of the same, check out this 80s R & B version of WAP. Much, much better.


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