Bicester Village Was Completely Rammed Yesterday Upon Re-Opening

Social distancing was not upheld.

A whole bunch of high street shops re-opened yesterday and the narrative was all based around how it was crazy that so many people were desperate to go to Primark after it had been shut for three months because well, why would anyone wanna shop at Primark, right?

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I did actually say that it might have been because low income families desperately required cheap clothes and they didn’t do a delivery service, but I gotta admit that even I was surprised by how many people seemed desperate to get back in there. What’s even more surprising though is how many people flooded to low cost retail park Bicester Village to pick up some new designer clothes for a budget price yesterday – this is way grosser than people queuing up to get into Primark because it  looks kinda like a mosh pit up in there.

Open this shit up! People on Twitter obviously weren’t very happy about the lack of social distancing and again that people didn’t really feel like they had anything better to do except descend on a retail park and go absolutely crazy:

I mean I can’t really argue with a lot of that. Still absolutely amazed that people want to head down to the shops in these conditions, but a lot of those people are right – why not just open everything if people are going to be like this? It’s gonna go on whenever it goes down, might as well get it out of the way, right?  What’s the worst that can happen? (Don’t answer that)

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