Bianca Gascoigne Is Getting Rinsed For This CBB ‘Sex’ Video


Controversial for all the wrong reasons.

As I always say, I’m sure many of you haven’t really been following ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ this time round.

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The problem is, this show is all about controversy and this year there hasn’t been enough of it. Or at least that’s what the viewers are complaining about. Which is perhaps why Bianca Gascoigne and Jamie O’Hara are getting rinsed for having one of the “worst showmances” in CBB history.

Normally the complaints line is off the hook, with people moaning about either the characters fucking or flashing from day-to-day. But this round, the best we’ve had so far is the below footage, which contestant Stacy Francis says was taken of them two moments before getting it on:

It just looks like they’re kissing. And also, who the hell do they think they are, proclaiming their love after just weeks of knowing each other? What a load of bullshit. Body language expert Judi James clearly agrees, as she said:

That is the worst showmance I think I’ve ever seen in the history of Big Brother.

She is using scripts… she must have found them in the bottom of her handbag. All these old lines, ‘You can’t help falling in love…’ If you can’t help falling in love, I do get that, but you don’t drag them off to the toilet every five minutes for a big snog.

Maybe they should’ve kept in that Chloe Ferry girl. At least their ratings would’ve been OK.


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