Bhad Bhabie Threatens To Sue AirBnB In Expletive Laden Rant

Bit unnecessary?

It’s hard to believe that Bhad Bhabie is only eighteen because it feels like she’s been around forever and has already made way more money than anyone reading this ever will, but that’s the truth of the matter and the root of her problems with AirBnB at the minute.

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You see, Bhad Bhabie can’t rent out an AirBnB in her area as new users aren’t allowed to do so if they’re under the age of 25 and don’t have three positive reviews on their profile as kids were just renting out apartments to throw parties and ended up trashing them. That’s probably the most sensible course of action to stop that from happening because if that had been an option when I was growing up then we probably would have done it every week. .

Anyway, Bhad Bhabie wasn’t happy about it and decided to complain about the situation in an expletive laden Instagram rant:

It seems a bit extreme really doesn’t it? Probably easier for her to just call her lawyer and ask them to book the AirBnB for her rather than set up a court case that doesn’t even make any sense. 18 year olds hey?

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