Guess How Much Beyonce Spent At Nando’s in Essex?

Beyonce Nando's

We all love indulging in a Nando’s from time to time, I mean, who doesn’t? But the amount of cash Beyonce dropped in an Essex Nando’s last Saturday is utter madness.

I must admit, I’m partial to the odd Nando’s from time to time: half a chicken (hot), spicy rice, chips and some grilled halloumi, all washed down with an ice-cold Brazilian Brahma beer.

Nando's Food

The above might tempt most of you, but not Beyonce Knowles… She racked up a hefty bill in a Chelmsford branch of Nando’s last Saturday following her V Festival performance that would make even the biggest fried chicken fiend shudder. Her ludicrous order consisted of:

  • 48 whole chickens
  • 24 tubs of coleslaw
  • 58 chicken wing platters
  • 48 portions of chips
  • Drinks (Nando’s are now re-evaluating their bottomless drinks policy)

This sobering order came to a grand total of £1,444.10, which is of course a mere tuppence to Beyonce. But I’m guessing that – as an upstanding American — Mrs. Carter also tipped the expected 20% (even though you don’t necessarily have to tip at Nando’s). This means the tip would have been £288.82, so that leaves a final total of £1,732.92 to pay… Would you pay that much cash to the tasty, but stunningly average restaurant chain that is, Nando’s?

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Check the bill for yourself. Pretty sweet how she payed in cash too huh?

Beyonce's Nandos Bill


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