Beyoncé Made Her Fans Wake Up Super Early For A HUGE Exclusive Announcement… And It Was The Biggest Flop Announcement Ever

Beyonce’s fans have just turned on her big time for this.

Beyonce massively hyped up her appearance on Good Morning America on Monday morning, promising her fans she had a huge “announcement” to make and they’d better tune in to find out what it was.

Rumours started flying around all over the place. What was Beyonce going to announce? A new album? A new song? A new tour? A threesome with Jay-Z and Rihanna? Nope — she’s going vegan.

Seriously, that’s her fucking announcement. She’s going on a vegan diet. That’s what she made her fans wait hour and hours and wake up early to find out. Even the most hardcore Beyonce fans thought it was ridiculous:





That’s some well-deserved ego deflation right there. Seriously, this stupid idiot thinks anyone cares that she’s going on a diet? Famous people are the absolute worst sometimes…

P.S. We were kind of hoping she’d finally admit to her top secret affair with Barack Obama.

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